"Cabra Tracks"- new CD by Mick Fitzgerald with wonderful songs written by himself

Mick Fitzgerald's new CD "Cabra Tracks" was recently recorded in Dublin and now we in Germany also can enjoy the eleven new songs. A CD you want to listen to again and again.

Autor, actor and most of all singer/songwriter Mick Fitzgerald lives in Cabra in Dublin, where the CD was recorded and to which it is dedicated. The Gaelic titel "Fáilte go dti an Chabrach" means "Willkommen in Cabra", and with the thoughtful words and the moving tunes I immediately feel at home there and welcome. The songs embrace me and take me on a journey through Mick Fitzgerald's life. "Hungry City" for example shows us the Ireland of the poor, where no work is to be found, and a man emigrates with no intention of ever coming back. Mick writes, that this song was already written in 1976, but then lost. When it was rediscovered not one word had to be changed since the situation unfortunately still is the same. The first song on the CD, "Northern Star" became my favourite song on the CD and I keep hearing it all the time. It is about an old man who looks at the Northern Star each night and thinks of his lost love. The song is slow and dreamy, but incredibly catching and the words are beautiful.

(here she quotes the chorus)

"Have you seen the roses" tells about hot New York (Brooklyn), where a woman receives a call from the phone booth in Ireland and for a moment feels like she is back in the rainy and homely atmophere of way back then. The nostalgic look back is for those who left something behind. Mick Fitzgerald dedicates this almost painful song of remembering to his parents. In "Opening Time Sam Hall" Brigie Heffernansings the lead vocals and makes the song almost into an American country song. "City almost gone" then is another very special bit of Ireland with a very poetical text: (quotes from the song)

The album is truly varied, because the songs combine traditional Irish folk with swingjazz. One song of his old band Tipsy Sailor is included, and Mick Fitzgerald has written all songs himself. You can hear in his voice that the songs come from his heart of hearts, and sometimes you see the picture of an Irish pub and nights full of beer that never end. Whether fast like "Johnny's farm" or quiet like "Have you seen the roses", it's always the words which seem surprisingly close, never mind that they are about a far away country.

"Cabra Tracks" - these are Irish melodies. These are poetical texts and melancholic moments. They are a nostalgic look back and a beerthirsty view of Dublin. The last song, "It isn't over till it's over" sounds as if Mick wanted to invited himself and a listener to a crazy flight and I'll listen to this song whenever I'm not able to find motivation on my own. You feel like playing it all the time, till your mood gets better and your energy soars like the Brassband in the song, and there is no way to stop.

(quote from the song)

The songs find their way into the soul of the listener, with their typically Irish half optimism, they open up something and share things even if you did not experience them yourself. If you love to be put into a new mood by music and if you appreciate a good text I heartily recommend "Cabra Tracks" and wish you lots of enjoyment when listening and singing along. And don't forget to really listen to the wonderful texts, thes bring Ireland close in a way which you really feel.

Reviewer: Laila Mahfous. Published on: http://www.kultumea.de/