A lovely review from Oliver Sweeney of Cabra Tracks.
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Mick Fitzgerald
Album: Cabra Tracks
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 11
Website: http://www.mickafitzgerald.com/

pic mick fitz cabra tracks photoActor and musician Mick Fitzgerald has a long and distinguished history in the constantly evolving story of Irish music, both as a solo artist and a member of the late and much lamented Tipsy Sailor, which in essence was like a finishing school for some of the muse's greatest exponents, including-among others-the late John Keenan and Fiach O'Broin, Gerry Banjo O'Connor, and Kieran Halpin. This album is an exercise in observation and nostalgia, beautifully realised ruminations on life, love and those one meets along the way, and, as befits a man who has had a lengthy spell as a journalist folded into his backstory, a way with words which is most unique. "Cabra Tracks", named for the area in which he was raised-and still lives-is proof positive, with its sensitive exploration of humanity, that the local is the global, after all.

The album's opening track "Northern Star", it's melody so mindful of something Macca would write, is a beautifully crafted piece which sets both tone and standard for the rest of the album. Seen through the eyes of an aging man, changes are chronicled where the pace of life is slow and reflective, but where the simple things still work their magic. This theme of reminiscence is the thread that pervades the album, from memories of childhood cattle drives along the North Circular Road in early morning, to City Almost Gone , lamenting the passing of old ways and trades, and Jackie Was Good, a story of a young man who was in the frame for humanity's every misdeed.

There is also a live recording of one of his best songs "The Black Dodder", from Tipsy Sailor, recorded, I suspect , in the mid 80's. Permanence is questioned here-"Spring rushes on and leaves you, and trees will be green while they stand, for seasons are only a verse in your song that you hold for a while in your hand".

With "Cabra Tracks", Mick Fitzgerald has produced one of the finest musical documents of recent times, an album so full of passion and integrity, beautifully produced , every note, every song , worth several carats. Ed Sheeran, you might have filled Croker twice, but, God love you, you'll never write songs as good as this. Breathtaking stuff.

Oliver P Sweeney